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                   George P. Roach



                                                             LITIGATION CONSULTANT


George Roach Litigation Consulting, Dallas, TX                                                           2001- Present

         Advise clients on remedies and damages strategy

         Testify on valuation and measuring damages.

         Consult on damage feasibility analysis based on financial or legal research

         Provide deposition support on opposing experts


Bickel & Brewer, Director of Consulting, Dallas, TX                                                      1998- 2001

        Developed the Group's multi-discipline approach for litigation consulting.

        Directed and trained  in-house consulting group of 14 professionals whose

gross monthly billables have increased by more than 700 percent in less than 4 years.

        Consulted on remedies strategy and business valuation to 35 litigators, covering

70 cases and 50 expert reports.


Business Appraiser, Dallas, TX                                                                                          1998

       Appraised business interests as consulting or testifying expert.


Litzler, Segner, Shaw, McKenney & Dohmeyer, LLP, Dallas, TX                                     1997

       Valued privately-held companies.

       Assessed fraudulent transfer damages in bankruptcy.



                                                                LICENSED ATTORNEY


Hughes & Luce, L.L.P. (Financial Services Section) Dallas, TX                                           1996-1997

      Restructured corporate loans and represented creditors= interests in bankruptcy.


Long, Aldridge & Norman (Financial Restructuring Team) Atlanta,GA                                                                                                                              1995-1996

                      Drafted loan documents for commercial real estate workouts.



                                                               INVESTMENT BANKER


Drexel Burnham Lambert, Inc. (Workout Group) Beverly Hills, CA                                                                                                                                              1989-1990

      Designed and implemented a liquidation plan for a $100 MM public company.

      Developed a proprietary system for predicting financial distress in public companies.


Drexel Burnham Lambert, Inc. (Corporate Finance Dept.) New York, NY                                                                                                                                         1975-1980

     Promoted to Vice President at age 27, the youngest in the firm=s history at that time.

     Managed stock and bond underwritings and competed corporate mergers.

     Introduced free cash flow valuation analysis to the Corporate Finance Department.


                                                                 BUSINESS MANAGER


Estate of George L. Potter, Crockett, TX                                                                         1979-1994

Managing Co-Executor

    Managed a family business that included five farms and ranches, a wax

museum, and miscellaneous real estate

    Negotiated and structured the sales of 55 assets for more than $17 M.





LLM, Tax        (Course work only)               University of Houston Law Center              1994

J.D.                  (Honors)                             University of Texas School of Law               1993

M.B.A.            (High Distinction)                  Harvard Business School                             1975

A.B., Econ.     (High Honors)                       University of California, Davis                     1973


The College of the State Bar of Texas (member since 2014)



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Chapter 30. Restitution Rollout: The Restatement (Third) of Restitution & Unjust Enrichment: Counter-Restitution for Monetary Remedies in Equity (reprint)

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Creating and Managing Law Firm-Owned Businesses [Chairman]; MDP Case Study - Bickel & Brewer=s Litigation Consulting Group: Ten Years of Improvement in Professional Practice and Profitability; San Francisco, CA; November, 2001.


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George P. Roach

Multi Discipline Consultants

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